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Emission Monitoring

Industries subject to registration under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 must monitor process emissions as part of their authorisation conditions.

Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd supplies a service that covers the whole spectrum of IPC, IPPC and LAAPC regulated industry.

We are able to provide accurate monitoring of the following emissions to atmosphere:
Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd offer UKAS Accreditation for a range of emission monitoring tests. View Accreditations

Our fully trained staff are qualified to MCERT Level 2 with all four available Technical Endoresments. We use a combination of traditional techniques and real time analysis using instrumental methods, all of which are approved and specified in Environment Agency document M2. Our equipment is state of the art.

Additional services

As well as monitoring for authorisation compliance, Cirrus Environmental Solutions Ltd can also offer the following services:
Our reports are predominantly factual for periodic monitoring programmes, as required by enforcing agencies. For other emission monitoring services, our factual reports are backed by full interpretation and solutions to problems, wherever necessary.